We all Have Need For Concern

Good morning family friends and visitors. I want to talk to you this morning about what is happening in the world. As we all know we have a new President and so many people have mix feelings. Many are disappointed and hurt. This morning as I was watching the news I saw all these protestors and riots are going on in New York, Washington, DC and other places. People are canting that “he is not their President”.


This country has need for great concern, because we have got to get a grip on our emotions. We can’t change the vote, these people who are protesting they can’t change the election. Please hear me on this, I am all for freedom of speech. But what worries me is that the havoc that could take place. Just this morning I saw on the news how a person literally took a lighter and set a tree on fire. If we don’t get a grip on our emotions, it could turn into hate. Haven’t this country seen enough hate in history? Haven’t we not learned anything from history?

I am disturbed at what is happening and we all should be concern about our country. Our country has allot of problems that needs to be fixed we aren’t going to be able to do that if we fight each other. We may not all agree with one another views but we need to respect each other and come together and find a solution for the problems in our Country. For no two people, can or will agree on everything, I mean look at your own home, do you and the people under your roof always agree? Of course, not, but you work together and you still love and respect them?

Lord, I can’t make sense out what is happening but Lord you know. I need you Lord to bring peace to this chaos for I am afraid that innocent people will be hurt. The people who are protesting Lord protect and guide them, let them find forgiveness in their hearts. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I pray, AMEN.



7 thoughts on “We all Have Need For Concern

  1. I empathize with you and all the frustrated protestors. I appreciate and join with you in your heartfelt prayer. A perspective that is not being widely shared is that of God’s miraculous intervention into human affairs. Just as we now pray for peace to be restored, if we truly value the power of prayer – we must understand tat MUCH prayer went up regarding this election, prior to the results.Trump’s election defied ALL expectations, as has been his ‘track-record’ since he announced his bid for office. Like ALL God-chosen vessels, he ha been rejected and ridiculed by his opposition, and made a mockery. Remember, no man or woman ever chosen by God (other than His Incarnation in Christ) was a perfect person. He chose harlots, murderers, saboteurs, scoundrels, and the like through which to perform His miraculous will. As the non-believer King Cyrus of Persia was chosen BEFORE even his birth to enact God’s will in returning the Jews to Israel, so have many of us been used by God to usher in His perfect will, while yet imperfect beings. In order to exact a lasting and complete change in the direction America was heading – a complete elimination of the leadership opposed to righteousness had to take place. Only those who were NOT inclined to the clear signs of God’s intervention in these events missed the miraculous hand of God, and therefore fail to realize that they are NOT protesting Trump, but God’s invasion once again into human affair. The fact that Trump will have the majority in both legislative bodies of government is a miracle. and only God produces miracles. Christians who are worried about the results of this election need to prayerfully consider this perspective and allow the peace of God to rule. Statistically, more Evangelicals voted for Trump than either Romney, Bush, or Obama combined. Of course the ungodly are confused, but Christians who trust God need NOT be Peace!

    1. I appreciate you joining me in prayer about our nation. I love America and I love my Lord and Savior and I may not understand somethings or even approve of it. But the one thing I do is I trust my Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. There certainly ARE many university profs who proclaim their atheistic leftist views as established FACT, rather than the mere THEORY they actually are. It reminds me of this TRUE story: a Christian student replied to his profs question to the class, “How can you believe anything in the Bible? I’ve read it through twice, and can make no sense of it”. The student replied, “With all due respect, sir. The Bible is God’s love letter to His children. If you can’t make sense of it, what did you expect – reading some one else’s mail?”

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