God’s Plans vs Our Plans

Proverbs 19:21 says, many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

If you’re like me, you have been thinking about how fast the year has gone. In January 1, 20016 I started out with and new journal and in that journal, I wrote down things I wanted to do. I haven’t done not fifty percent of them.


I must always be prepared for God’s purpose to prevail in my daily life. This year has truly been one of God’s purpose. The whole entire year of 2016 has been upside down. I mean I went from having a great career to being fired from two jobs. The first one made no sense to me what so ever, I was working for a Limousines service which included I had to make reservations for the customer to be picked up from either National or International Airports to the customer’s final destination. While in training we all were given a test each week to see how much we obtain. Each test I pass with an 80% and a 85% on the second but my final test I received a 55% which meant I failed. Not sure how that was even possible, considering I did so well on my other two test.

When they let, me go I thanked them for the opportunity and I will take what I learned here to my next career. But when I got outside and called my husband I cried like a baby. I was hurt, matter of fact I became discourage, I blamed myself. I was mad at God for Him even allowing me to have the interview and passing the test in the interview. I was not a happy camper. My husband kept telling me “Baby we are going to get through this” God has a plan for you”. By my husband being the spiritual leader in the home each morning we got down on our knees and prayed as a couple. We thank God for providing for our daily needs, we prayed for a new career we prayed for peace in my heart. We rebuked the devil for trying to rob us of our joy.

I must have sent out a hundred resumes, then within five weeks the Lord opened a new career for me it was working as an Optometric Technician, I went through my training which was very hard, looking at people’s eyes makes me squeamish but I did it. Let me say folks, it’s more to it than just picking out frames, I learned allot about the eye, the different types of lenses, how to read the prescription, learning about the cylinder, the axle.

Then after about forty-five days into the job they had done what is called a reconstruction of workforce, they let me go because the company wasn’t doing so well and they gave me a severance packet. But you know what family, I didn’t cry like I did on the first job, see the Lord had taught me something.  I was disappointed but I didn’t let it get to me. There were several things I learned from all of this, one was get out of the comfort zone of what you already know how to do, second was Jesus had an assignment that needed to be done and He sent me to do it. Once the assignment was over it was time for me to leave. I wasn’t mad at God this time I wasn’t dismay like I was before.

Here we are in the Holiday Season and the Lord blessed me again with a new career which I start December the 5th. During my time of unemployed we never went without our daily needs, God promised to take care of us and He did.  Now I am not sure what assignment God has for me here on this job but whatever it is He has sent me.

Why did I tell you my personal testimony? Because no matter what you plan for your life ultimately it’s up to God, not you. He’s the one that has the last say about what He wants for our lives. So, this year 2017 I am not going to jot down in my journal what I want to do. I am going to let Jesus Himself tell me what He wants me to do. We must always leave room for God to change our plans. I hope that this has helped someone.  God matters to me and I have to go by what He does even when it makes no sense to me what so ever.


4 thoughts on “God’s Plans vs Our Plans

  1. Evident spiritual growth – all spiritual growth = I must decrease, so that He may increase! Well done, faithful servant, may the Lord continue to richly bless you – and when necessary, through material wealth as well.

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