Thanksgiving Eve

I want to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart. It has been my pleasure to have gotten to know you over the year and for some of you it’s been years. I am grateful for the friendship we have had on the internet. Who says that there’s nothing good on the net?

Today is the day before Thanksgiving Day, and on this Eve of Thanksgiving I pray that each of you as you spend this time with family and friends that you can spend time together sharing how much you love one another and what you are grateful for them for.


Eating food always has a way to bring people closer together but also it brings new conversations as well and new friends.  I know many of you have family traditions from playing flag football or serving at the soup kitchen to those less fortunate.

Try not to over eat which I am sure is easier said than done with all the Turkey, dressings, vegetables and desserts, I say enjoy yourself and love on those who are with you. Cherish these memories for they are precious.

From my house to yours I say Happy Thanksgiving Day and I love you all. And for those who love Black Friday be careful out there. For there are some people who aren’t as nice as they normally would be.  I hope you aren’t one of those who will leave the dinner table just to stand in line at 6:00 p.m. to get those deals…But if you are I understand because I use to work on Thanksgiving Day and I hated it.

Now I don’t have to do it any longer. Praise GOD! But I will be out on Black Friday not on Thanksgiving Day but that Friday I will be out shopping.

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