Love Came For You

John 3:16 say’s For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

What the World needs now is Love Sweet Love, It’s the only thing that’s there’s just too little of. If you ask a person what is the one thing that the world needs? You will hear forgiveness, love, kindness, and hope .

There is not one single person on this earth who doesn’t want love, they may be from different religions, different cultures and ethnicity. We all want and need love. Yes, there are some who will deny that they need it. But deep down they need it, we long for long. We all have searched in all the wrong places for love. Only to come up empty handed.

Love is the only thing that we are short on in this life. I do believe in my heart of hearts that if we would love our neighbors like Jesus teaches us to we wouldn’t find all these unnecessary reasons to hate someone. There is not one reason to hate anyone!

God created all of us and He loves all of us, no matter how bad you have been, no matter if you don’t think that there is a God, He loves you. He loves you so much that He sent His only begotten Son to die on a cross for you and for me.

When the Father looked down at you He didn’t see you as a nobody, He saw you with His loving eyes and He said I love you. I know that the world we live in is going through allot of toil mole and it seems so unfair. Many people are thrown away like trash, people killing innocent people all because they have no love for their brother or sister. People during drugs because they rather stay high then deal with reality. Nations against nations and family against family members and yet through all this the only thing that really matters is that we need to learn to love.

You and I do not know how to love, period! We love with demands and what we can get out of it. Were about what’s in it for me to love you? Only Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit can teach us to love. If we would only look at people through the eyes of Jesus and love them pass the whatever’s. I know when me and my husband were engaged we prayed together that God would show us how to love one another in this marriage. Yes, we both loved one another and we knew how to love in our own strength but because God created us both only He knows what the other needs. And we didn’t want to enter a marriage that wasn’t built on God’s love.

We all have faults that’s because we are human beings so if you know you have faults why do you hold your brother or sister’s faults against them? Hollywood thinks they know about love, people who write all these books on love they think they know. But there is only one book that has been written and it’s still the number one on the Best Sellers and that’s the “BIBLE.”



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