Women Dressing

1 Timothy 2:9 says, likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire,

Alright I know I am going to get some flack about this but that is okay because it’s not me talking I am just reiterating what God has said already.

Women we must be careful as to the way we dress, we can’t continue to dress like we did when we were in the world, or unless you are still in the world. Timothy tell us that we are to dress respectable and with honor but nowadays you can’t even tell the difference between the woman of God or the Woman of the World.


Back in Timothy’s days the woman dressed very plainly and God is not telling us we should dress plainly but what He is telling us is to dress with respect and carry yourself with respect. If you don’t respect yourself how in the world will anyone else respect you?

They can’t far too often over the years we have become taken by how the world dresses and so we are steady trying to keep up with the latest fashion when we are not of this world. Yes, we live here but we are not part of it this is only a place of passing through our home is in heaven.

Did you ask the Lord is He pleased with what you have on today? Is what you are wearing bring glory and honor to God or is God ashamed at how you are dressed? I know many will say well God doesn’t care what I wear for He’s more concern about my heart and you are so right God is concern about your heart but remember this sin always start with a thought before it enters the heart once it enters the heart it’s only a matter of time before you began to act on it and you sin, so if you continue to dress like worldly women it’s only a matter of time before you began acting like worldly woman and doing other things and you will have forgotten where you use to be and ask yourself how in the world did I get to this location.

Be a woman of self-control remembering your parents would always make sure you had on the right appeal before they let you go out the door? There was a reason they did it, it was to protect you but to make you learn to be lady like. And we want to be woman who are not just Godly Woman but we want to be Godly in every area of our lifestyle including how we dress, how we talk. If we lose self-control then we aren’t Godly Woman, we are women of this world. Remember just saying you’re a Godly Woman means more than just knowing the Word of GOD, it requires a whole lot more so today I challenge you to look at your closet ladies and all those clothes which are not pleasing to God get rid of them put them in trash bags and take them to the dump truck for the trash man to pick up. It’s time we dress the part and stop saying we are and not dressing the part…AMEN


9 thoughts on “Women Dressing

  1. Speaking as a guy:

    I won’t want a woman to feel that, for my sake, she must dress a certain way. I want a woman to always feel free to wear what she wants.

    Whatever sinful thoughts that pop into my head when I see what a woman is wearing are my responsibility, and my responsibility alone. It’s not a woman’s job to make sure I have a clean mind: It’s my job, because it’s my mind.

    Yes, there are things women can do — like dressing in non-revealing clothing — that make having a clean mind easier. But, ultimately, what goes on in my mind is out of a woman’s hands.

    The way I see it:

    If a woman isn’t dressing in order to cause unclean thoughts — if a woman is wearing something because she genuinely wants to wear it — than I don’t see how I can object to whatever she’s wearing since her intention is pure.

    Modesty is an important subject. Thank you for bringing it up.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts
      Modesty is something most young girls are nevet taught. This is why they grow up as women who have no modesty.

      1. You’re welcome.

        I agree: Young girls should be taught modesty.

        I just wouldn’t want a girl, or a woman, to think that her modesty depended on her clothes.

        Clothes can definitely help a person be more modest, but clothes are not the be-all and end-all.

        For example: When it comes to swimsuits, I believe that a woman in a bikini can be more modest than a woman in a one-piece bathing suit, because modesty ultimately comes from the heart.

  2. I enjoyed this thought provoking post. Many within today’s society are caught up in the outer appearance. The clothing lines are all about sex appeal and not enhancing the natural beauty of an individual. Its a women’s choice of how she dresses but as you grow on your walk in Christ certain things are not appealing anymore. At the end of the day its a lifestyle change.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post. I know when I was younger i wanted to wear what I wanted. But my mother always told us you only have one life to live. So make sure its nothing that you regret. In other words watch your reputation.

      1. Now that I am older I agree but while growing up not so much. ☺ Sadly, the older and younger generations are dressing alike.

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