Thankful Heart Indeed

Good Morning, I hope you are doing well this Saturday. This morning when I woke up at 6:15 am EST I went to the gym. When I got outside I saw snow on the ground. I love snow. It has a way of making things look beautiful. And so, I want to give an update on a recent post I wrote about how the troubles I had found myself in when it came to not having a job and then losing two jobs at once.

If you haven’t read it then you can always go back and read the devotion called “God’s Plans vs Our Plans “it will bless you. My heart is just so thankful! The Lord blessed me with a new job December 5, 2016 and this is the update I want to share with you. The first day I walked into the building I was just amazed, my trainer who trained me and two other ladies did such an amazing training. I’ve listen to many types of training but this young lady was by far the best trainer.


It’s been two weeks now since I left training and each day at work in my mind I am thanking Jesus for how He orchestrated everything. One night while in my kitchen cooking me some dinner when suddenly, the Holy Spirit revealed to me the whole picture as to why I had to go through those dark days of losing those jobs after being hired. When He started talking to me and showing me this, immediately I leaped because it all made sense to me. I finally saw the reason for everything I had to go through.

It goes further than that, something has happened in my heart that I can’t even begin to describe. It’s as if I am watching myself in a movie. It’s like the moment I see something I act without hesitation. For example, last week I saw two mothers with their babies and I felt the need to pray for these mother and their baby and I did just that. Then there is this little girl who lives next door to me who said to me one morning as I was leaving out of house for work that she liked my front door decoration. I thanked her and after work I stopped at Wal-Mart and got her the same decoration I have on my door. That night I knocked on her door and asked her mom could I speak to her daughter and I gave the little girl the gift, the look on her face was priceless. She blessed me more than words could say. The next morning when I left to go to work I looked at her door and she had it hung up on her door. I smiled with joy in my heart and off to work I went.

I have been so thankful that I couldn’t wait for Sunday for church so I’ve been paying my tithes online because I want to give back to God for what He has been doing in my heart. I know I can never out give God but He owns it all and so I want to give to Him what is due to Him. My husband has been asking me what I am wanting for Christmas and I told him,” baby I have everything I need” don’t get me nothing let’s just buy gifts for our grandchildren only. God has done some work in my heart that I can’t explain and it goes way pass this super-facial stuff. Like I said if you read my post God’s Plans vs Our Plans you see why I say what I say.

God has me on my job for such as a time as this, they say Merry Christmas which to me is fantastic for you and I know in most businesses you aren’t allowed to say Merry Christmas. Yesterday we had our lunch Christmas Party for two hours with pay. All the managers handed each employee a gift and Christmas card. Then later that night we had another Evening Christmas Party where we bring our spouses and it was held at the Hilton.

If I could sum this up I would say to you, no matter how dim and dark it looks and no matter how many times God must move you around it’s all for His glory and it’s going to work out for your good. It’s your task to trust Him.

Have a blessed Saturday. I am going to enjoy this snow we have and drink another cup of coco.



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