God has It!

As Christians we truly need to know some basic and so today I want to share them with you. For get about what you’re going through or what you have to do. We have to get this settled in our hearts now. And if we don’t we will always be wavering in our faith.

Woman Reading the Bible.

  • Jesus loves you
  • God will never forsake you
  • God is moved by the faith you have, even if it’s smaller than a mustard seed
  • Holy Spirit will guide you in all truth

So often we can be our worst enemy we listen to what others say and we take their word as being truth. We look at others people lives and we think they have it all together. Things happen but when we get into the word and see what God says and we stand on His word rather we understand it or not then and only then have we allowed His word to be settled in our hearts.

God never promised any of us that life will be easy , or that you wouldn’t make mistakes. But what He did promise was to be there. God doesn’t go back on His word at all. So today as you read your bible allow the Holy Spirit to show to you what that scripture means and how you can apply it to your life. AMEN?

As human beings we will search everywhere and any place to get an answer and many times we don’t even care if it’s the wrong answer as long as we get something. Why settle for a temporary fix just to please our flesh when you can search the scriptures and have truth that will last eternity?


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