What Does your Praise Look Like?

What does your praise look like? I know when we are in church during praise and worship we shouldn’t be thinking about anything but the Lord. I have to admit there are moments when I look around and watch how others worship the Lord. I know that no two people worship the same. But today I want to share something with you that I have asked myself a few times.

What if there was someone in the congregation who was scared or uncertain about what is the right way to worship? I know it sounds strange but I do believe that there are some who are in churches today who just don’t feel comfortable with worship for whatever their reason may be. And so today if this is you I want you to know that its the enemy who is speaking to you while making you question your worship.

Now if you don’t think he is speaking to you let me give you a few examples of what the enemy will say. He says things like you’re doing it wrong? You don’t know how to worship like the rest of the people? He also say to you, that God knows your worship is not genuine? See it’s stuff like this that keeps people’s hands tied to the chains of bondage. In all reality none of us really know how to worship God, for the bible says that the true worshipers will worship Him in spirit and truth. Which means the Holy Spirit will show you how to worship the Lord.

Each time we worship the Lord rather in church on Sundays and through the rest of the week we do it with our life expression to God. See God knows the heart of every man, woman and child. So stop listening to the lies of the enemy and start worshiping the Lord for who He is not just what He’s done for you. AMEN


3 thoughts on “What Does your Praise Look Like?

  1. Amen! and oh my! I can relate to everything you wrote. The looking around, the battle to focus and the self-consciousness’ of doing it wrong! But you are right, that we should worship the Lord in spirit and in truth and do all that we do to the glory of God. Thanks, Al

    1. I think we all can relate, watching others and thinking that their doing it right and we arent is what the devil would have us believe. This is why we have to stop looking at others and focus on Jesus then we will worship Him in spirit and truth.

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my posting.

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