Could It be Just that Easy?

Galatians 5:23 says” gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

What would you do if the Lord showed you two different lives and asked you to pick which one would you want to be yours? We would jump at the chance, wouldn’t we?


But what we neglect to see is that God has already done that the day we came into this world. God’s word is the primary focus of design for man’s life. It’s up to man if he will follow the designed to the letter.

But sadly, after we say yes, we being looking over to other people’s yard and we like what we see, we like it so much that we sit in idle of lusting and greed. We compare their life to ours and what we don’t know is just because the glass is shiny doesn’t mean it is that way on the inside of that home.

Why do we allow our eyes to determine what is best and what is worst? Before we can decide and make the right choice we first need to apply the word to whatever it is that we see or want. God has a purpose in each of our lives and just because we don’t like what God’s plan for our lives we will pick and stab at our life until we one day wake up and realize that we are not who we thought we are. When a person begins to lust of this world and the things in it we lose focus of ourselves. A person can make themselves a model things and people that they have lost themselves, this is called obsession.

So here is a thought for you, when you pick and choose what your life should be first ask yourself who’s in control of your life? If God is in control you will conform to His image, if you’re in control of your life then destruction is awaiting you. It’s not easy saying no to things that our flesh wants but we need to remember to be in self-control.

5 thoughts on “Could It be Just that Easy?

  1. It is so very hard. I start out great. On my drive in to work I worship and pray and feel filled with the Holy Spirit!

    How long does it take for the chaos of my job and the words of those that surround me before the frustration builds. I tell myself…..block it out…don’t listen….I say…”thank you dear Father in heaven…thank you Jesus for everything and HELP ME…HELP ME!”

    It is like stepping out of my car and sitting at my desk and within minutes my chair becomes quicksand and begins sucking the life right out of me.

    1. I hear you what you are saying. And I love how you start your day. I do the same thing. And when my day gets challenged I stop and read my bible on my phone or say a prayer. And by the time I am finished my strength has returned back to me. And I am ready to go back to what I was doing. God does give His children fuel.

      1. I try to do that too. I have a bible on my desk drawer. I have one on my car, keep it in my passenger seat. I have several versions on my phone. I get up to take a walk for a second alone and use that to pray…continuously.
        God bless you

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