Step Aside Please

Exodus 3:3 says” So Moses said, “I must step aside and see this great thing, why the bush is not being burned up.”

How do you feel someone jumps in your way? Seems like someone or another are always jumping in front of us in some sort of way. Rather we are standing in line to be waited on or on the highway, someone is always jumping in front of us. In all honesty, we don’t like it and we surely don’t appreciate it.


Sometimes we might just let that person know what we feel about it. Think about the last person or incident when someone jumped in front of you?

Now I want you to think about how when God is working in your life how you and I jump in front of God. See, God doesn’t want you and I to go ahead of Him and get in the way of what He is doing in our lives and yet we do it anyway. When you come to the Lord Jesus about anything we need to learn to step aside and let God handle it. But because we don’t we take actions into our own hands because we want to control the situation, because we somehow think that God needs our help.

God doesn’t need our help, He can do it without you and me. Having faith is letting it go while waiting on the Lord to do it in His timing. Many times, we keep begging God asking when; when God is saying, I need you to stop jumping in front of me and let me.



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