Are You Letting the Enemy Distracting You?

The enemy is using the events of today to distract us. Why he’s doing it? To get our mind away from God. To get our heads filled with stress and chaos, so that you and I will act out of character. People who never use to use foul language are now swearing, people who once were patient is losing focus with no patience at all.


Why must we fight among one another? The reason is simple my friends, in the book of James 4:1 What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?  Will it ever change? No because man has been thinking from the beginning of time that his ways are better than God’s way. Man, has no fear of God.

The circumstances in the world and in our lives, won’t change if we aren’t seeking the Lord Jesus Christ. When things get difficult instead of opening our mouths and spitting out what ever rages from on the inside of us let us drop to our knees and pray. Negative words will only destroy people’s lives, we need to stop being such a hot head. The bible says that a man who is hot head is a fool.

Prayer is what stops evil, prayer is what heals.

We stand for many things in life and it seems as if people are standing up for everything that pertains to the world, but who is standing up for the love that Jesus Christ speaks about? Who is witnessing to people about salvation? Why aren’t we proclaiming the righteousness of God Almighty, to get prayer back into our schools, to get the 10 commandments back into our government?

We aren’t going to do that because it’s not popular this won’t get our faces on the television and social media sites, it’s not breaking news. But I tell you now, a day is coming when Jesus will return and He’s going to make everything right. And you and I will stand in front of Him and give an account as to what you did. You won’t be able to make up no excuses like you now.

Things will always happen in this world and in our lives but God Almighty is more important than anything you and I will ever experience. Without Him in your life you will never have peace, and righteousness.

Balls in your court what will you and your family do? The choice is yours.


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