Repent and its Fruits that goes Along with it

Matthew 3:8 says” Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance:

This is the message that John the Baptist was telling people when he was saying “bring forth therefore fruits meet your repentance. Bring forth therefore fruits That is, the proper fruits of reformation; the proper evidence that you are sincere.


Do not bring your cunning and dissimulation to this work; do not carry your hypocrisy into your professed repentance, but evince your sincerity by forsaking sin, and thus give evidence that this coming to Jordan to be baptized is not an act of dissimulation. No discourse could have been more appropriate or more cutting.

When thinking about this one did not know that we are to bear fruit, when you repent, because many of us aren’t taught this. We are taught to repent and nothing else.

It is obvious that John is saying we must bear fruit and when you go over to Matthew 7:19 it says” Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So, what does this mean to us, it means when we repent of our sins that sin that you repented of you and I should never do it again. Not to say you won’t be tempted because the enemy will tempt you but we are to bear the fruit of no sin, and if our fruits are sin than we too will be cut down for we are not producing a holy lifestyle in which we are commanded by Jesus to live.

I know this is allot to swallow and for many it’s something new but it’s time for us to come off the milk and start eating meat. Let the Holy Spirit guide you as you digest this. AMEN


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