Why one ahould never say the “HATE”word?  For obvious reasons, the bible speaks allot about this word. Jesus reminds us that hate destroys life. He teaches us never to say we hate our brothers and sisters.  Where there is hate there is no love.


When a person say that they hate a person they are literally destroying that persons spirit. They are destroying that persons dreams.

Hate destroys everthing, it brings death. And those who eat of it will reap the fruits of it.

There are things a person may not like about an individual and that is okay, but never say you hate .

As a human being we have got to watch what comes out of our mouths. We need to speak life not death. Because in all honesty if you say hate your really speaking death.

I for one am all about LIFE!



2 thoughts on “NEVER SAY HATE!!!!

    1. in my home my parents taught us kids never to say that word, and still to this day I don’t use that word. I say I dislike but never that word. It holds to much evil and I can’t afford that price tag.

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