Going beyond the Cliche

You have heard the saying treat people the way you want to be treated? How about treat people the way God treats you. Have a blessed Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Going beyond the Cliche

  1. Since I once was angry at God for a few years and wouldn’t speak to him, your question brings back those thoughts. I used to say, “I wouldn’t treat a dog the way I’ve been treated.” Now, God allowed me to go through much suffering in life. But I can’t look at my suffering as if it was inflicted by God. I guess I would say I live in a horribly sinful world, and that is why I have suffered and God was with me through it.

    For myself, I greatly wish I hadn’t gone through such suffering. But I also know suffering makes us to be better people, more compassionate and understanding. So, I should be happy I have suffered. I actually can say, “God, if all that suffering brought me to you, then I rejoice in the suffering.” That is the best I can do. Lol

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