It’s a Void for a reason

Psalm 90:14 says” Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.

We live in a world where many people are experiencing empty voids in their lives. I can remember a time when I felt this empty void, it seems like everything I tried could not keep it filled. I tired pretty much anything and everything this world could offer me,the only thing it did was satisfied me for a short time nothing long term. And even then, I don’t think I was happy with the choices I made.

Then one day after hitting rock bottom I heard the echoes of my mother’s words, go back to the Lord. Wow! powerful words. I went to church that following Sunday. When altar call came I was there, it was just me and God. I told Him these words. I said God ” I don’t know what to do, my life is in a mess and I can’t keep doing what I am doing. I have this void in my life that needs to be filled and I’ve tried it my way and nothing seems to be working. And so, I am going to give you chance and stop running away from you, if you can use anything within me use me and fill this deep void that I so desperately need filled.

I walked away from that altar and in the coming days my brand-new life changed, I stopped playing with God, I stopped playing church, I felt like a brand-new person. The things I once engaged in was no longer a desire for me, if anything I hated the very thought of those things. I had new friend’s old friends I had to let go. Reading my bible became like second nature to me, I would spend hours studying and reading it, matter of fact I wouldn’t read any other books unless it was the bible. God was doing a whole new thing in me and I was loving it.

God says that He created you with a longing in your heart that only He can fill. As humans, I don’t think we realize just how much God desires to live in our hearts. We go searching in this world looking for something to complete us and even when we think we have achieved it we still are empty. I’ve come to know in my heart that Jesus Himself is the only one who can complete us and if we don’t have Him we will never be complete. You can’t look to your spouse, your friends, or even your status in life to complete you. Only Jesus Almighty can fill you void.




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