Saturday’s Life Application Word=Caution

1 Thessalonians 5:21 says’ But test everything; hold fast what is good.

Scripture instructs us to “test and prove all things,” which would include our old notions, and then “hold fast” to the good ones—the ones that pass the test. A mistake many make is to follow tenaciously the instruction of to “hold fast to what we have” while completely ignoring the additional instructions to test first.

Experience proves that not all that we believe is truth, even if held fast for forty years. We have to test our beliefs continually and rigorously against the only standard that counts which is the Bible. Human nature is lazy and takes the easy road at every opportunity. It will rely on human reasoning, the word of others, or tradition and not do the hard work of studying the Bible and believing what it actually says.

Question for you? What’s happening in your life at this very minute where you need to be caution? Are you testing it? And if they weren’t proven to be good did you let it go?


4 thoughts on “Saturday’s Life Application Word=Caution

    1. I’m glad to hear that you love devotionals! They are great, it helps one to apply to their lives. Please come back again.

      Have a bless weekend

  1. You are so right, we shouldn’t be closed-minded but we should test everything with the Bible.
    I think I need to be careful not to read too much news. I subscribe to the New York Times, and I enjoy many of their articles, but I have felt that sometimes I spend too much time reading them. I have cut way back from the time I used to spend reading about politics. I want to stay informed, but I don’t want to spend time I should spend with God reading the news.

    1. You know sis, I know what you mean about the news. I watch the news in the morning and that’s it. Reason being with everything that is happening the devil uses the events of this world to distract us from God.

      Which makes us more fearful of the problems we see and hear. We know that God says we live in perilous times.

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