May it’s here and it’s Beautiful!

I invite you this morning to sit down and have coffee with me. There’s always something special when people gather together around  food and coffee.

May came in just like it usually does, nothing stopped it from arriving. It came with bright sun and flowers are blooming. What does May means to you? Does it mean planning family vacations, summer camps for the kids? Maybe it’s that time for you to write that book that you been stewing over all winter?

One of the things I enjoy doing is going to Home Depo getting plants to put out on my patio with a variety of different colors. For me it’s about having those beautiful colors around me when I’m sitting outside reading and drinking my favorite summertime smoothie drinks. It’s the season where me and my husband spend a lot of our time outdoors. It’s those cookouts and going to the park throwing a ball around and taking a hike in the mountains.

Now that I shared a few things of what I enjoy about May what do  you and your family love to do in the Springtime?

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