Trusting Means You Lack Nothing

Why is it that when we are trusting in the Lord we immediately think that God is going to withhold from us? God doesn’t with hold anything from those who trust in Him. The reason why we assume that God is holding out on us is because we have separation anxieties. We all have experienced disappointments from placing our trust in people only to have them leave us crushed, and so over a period of hurts and rejections we end up building walls to keep ourselves protected.

We’ve trained ourselves to never let anyone or anything get close to us ever again. And by doing so we feel that false assurance that we are protecting our feels. We become like the little kid who didn’t want to share his toys in the sand-box with the other kids. We like it when no one can take anything from us, we even developed sure case of relying solely upon ourselves, thinking that if there is anything we want it will be up to us to get it.

Then we read this scripture which tells us that those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing, and we are like how am I to trust God when my world is upside down, or when you are faced with a decision?  All those past hurts and disappointments  seems to be rushing back in your mind and part of you want to trust the Lord but there is this war going on in your body. Trusting God is not easy for us as humans because it goes against what we have learned in life. It might look bleak but keep your eyes on the Lord and watch God show up.

The reason why we struggle in trusting God is because we have already made up our minds as to how the Lord should respond to us. And when God responds not the way we wanted we think that God didn’t answer our prayers. Family you must remember God is not going to give you anything that will bring harm to you. If He sees where something will cause harm He will keep it from you. Everything that you have has come from God. So the next time you think that you are lacking start counting what God has blessed you with and you will see that you lack nothing. AMEN


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