Mother’s Day Blessings

What a blessing from the Lord that we have Mother’s. For some of us our Mother’s are no longer with us, but the memories will always stay with us. A Mother is never defined by her title, for a title could not hold a candle to her. When I think of Mother’s Day it’s not just a day that is on a calendar, mother’s day is every day for me.

And though my mother has gone to be with the Lord, I am constantly thinking of her in some way. I can see her smile when I am sad and how I would call her up to say mom” I am having a bad day” and she would come right over and wrap her arms around me and rock me until I am at peace. There’s something about a mother’s touch that no other human touch can do.

Me and my mom became best of friends, she always discipline me when I needed it and I didn’t always like it but as I grew older and wiser I saw she was always looking out for my best interest. The times I didn’t listen I had to learn it the hard way, she never judge me she allowed me to grow through the pain. My mother and I were so close that we spent every weekend together we talked on the phone three times a day. My mother had a lot of wisdom and I wanted to learn so much from her.

I never was child who talked back to my Mother, I always listen and respected her to the utmost, even when I didn’t agree with her views I never backed talked her like most teenagers today do. My mother was a champion for she beat Breast Cancer, the Lord healed her body, she never had to take treatments.

Now that mom is gone there are days I can hear my saying “Desi, look at how you have grown,” I remember how my mother would always say where are my glasses and her glasses would be right on her head and we kids would  laugh. Then one day it happened to me, I ask my husband where are my glasses and he said, right on your head. I can see myself doing things my mother would do.

Mother’s aren’t perfect, they love from a place that we might never understand, they give so much of themselves to their children. Mother’s often go without to make sure their children have, they spend many hours nursing us back to health. There’s a love that Jesus Himself gives a mother that so special that only a mother can understand. And though she has to make decisions about her children that the kids don’t understand they think that mom is being hard, when in fact she has your best interest at heart.

My prayer is, if your mother is still alive put all those differences aside and thank God your mom is still here with you. Treat her with love and respect, she’s wanting to put her arms around you, she is wanting you to spend time with her, she is wanting you to ask what are your thoughts?  We only get one mother in this life treat her like the jewel that God gave you.

Father God, I ask you to bless all the Mother’s everywhere, give them the strength that they need to do their daily task. Bring children closer to their mothers and restore all broken relationships, in Jesus name I pray. AMEN


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