The Little things We take For GRANTED

Ecclesiastes 7:14 say’s On a good day, enjoy yourself; on a bad day examine your conscience. God arranges for both kind of days, so that we won’t take anything for granted.

Yesterday here on the East Coast was the first day for our summer heat-wave, it reached 98 degrees. Seriously, I was enjoying the spring like temperatures and I knew that it would eventually warm up but not that hot. So, to prepare for the heat before I left my house that morning, I turned the air down to 70 degrees.

But when I got home that evening I was in for a shock, the moment I opened my door the heat hit me right in the face, I immediately checked the thermostat and to my surprise it was reading 88 degrees in my house. Family I was very upset I started opening all my windows to let the heat out so I can get some air stirring around in the home. Turning the thermostat down even lower while getting out my fans, thank God I never throw out my fans. Called maintenance to make them aware so that someone could come out and fix the problem.

Now needless to say it wasn’t pleasurable in the house so I sat on my patio to watch my favorite show Survivor, I know you don’t watch those types of shows. Anyway, moving forward, during this whole experience I kept my husband informed to what the temperatures were in the house. During this time several things ran through my mind, one was go check into a hotel, how much longer will I have to wait till this gets fixed, because depending on the problem it could take days, and the forecast for the next two days are to be in the 90’s, what am I going to do? As I was sitting on my patio I was thinking about those who have more issues with the heat then me being uncomfortable. And just like that the Lord reminded me to be grateful.

When my husband came home we went to Walmart and brought another fan, and here I was complaining again about our issue when my husband was calm and never complained. Then out of nowhere he said,” why do we take the little things for granted? He is so right on asking that question, we do all the time take the little things for granted? Instead of me complaining I really had allot to be thankful for, and I thank God for using everyday things to remind me to be grateful. My situation is not permanent, it’s just temporary because we are a little inconvenience we must remember to be thankful.

Lord thank You so much for reminding me once again that being a little inconvenience is only temporary

2 thoughts on “The Little things We take For GRANTED

  1. Good example! I had to look that verse up on Bible Hub and see what it meant exactly. I liked this one explanation:
    “…that is, after his present condition, whether it be prosperous or afflictive: that no man might be able to foresee what shall befall him afterward; and therefore might live in a constant dependence upon God, and neither despair in trouble, nor be secure or presumptuous in prosperity.”

    1. amen my dear…and this morning the repair man came to the house and they fix the air conditioner. And all day today at work I kept thinking about how we can be so inconvenience that we complain. God gets our attention in the littlest small things of our every day lives.

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