Make an Effort

Hebrews 12:14 says’ Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

We’ve heard the saying put your best foot forward, and yet each one of us do our best the best way we know how, correct? But here in this verse Paul is telling us that we must go beyond our best, we must take that extra step to reach a place where we can truly say “I’ve given it my best.”

Most of us and let’s be honest it’s hard for us to do it as far as it depends on us, because depending on the severity of an issue we won’t take that extra step we will do the norm and say okay I did my best. But Paul is saying no it is not enough for us to just do the norm we must stretch ourselves to the limit and once we’ve done that then we can say I’ve done my best.

To us our best is when we don’t have to put much effort into a thing our best is if someone rubs us the wrong way then they can for get about us taking that extra step, because we don’t think they deserve it after the way they acted with us.

It’s very hard to try to live at peace with people, but the key to this is to remember Jesus can help you to live at peace with all men, if we would allow the Holy Spirit to change our minds we will see that when we do try to do our best far beyond what we think we will see it as a blessing instead of curse.

Jesus knows that there are some people who will not allow you and I too live at peace with them but just because they don’t we should not let it stop us from being Christ like. Have a bless day today, and remember try your best, go beyond the norm.

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