Place your Trust only in People who are Trustworthy.

John 17:17 says’ Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.

Are people helped by knowing you? Do they find that knowing you challenges them to be the best they can be? Even more important, does knowing you help their relationship with God? What do your demands for their time and attention tell them about your real care for them?

A person’s greatest accomplishments may come from helping others achieve theirs. In the story about Delilah and Samson, Delilah played a small part in his life but her effect was devastating.

Delilah used her persistence to wear him down, not to mention he was infatuated with her, which made him vulnerable. 

All the physical strength that Samson had was no match for her and because of that he paid a great price for it, not only him being ruined but for his people as well.

With such nagging, she did day after day after day, until he finally said yes, He eventually told her everything. How do you see yourself in this story? Are you that persistence to wear a person down until they give up?

Samson placed his trust in the wrong person, don’t become so infatuated with anything it that you place your trust in it and end up being destroyed from it all because you want it so bad.

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