Saturday’s Life Application Word ~ Hats~

Daniel 3:21 says’ Then these men were bound in their coats, their hosen, and their hats, and their other garments, and were cast into the midst of the burning fiery furnace.

Question: How many hats are you wearing today?

When I was a little girl going to church you would see the older women wearing hats, I’m talking about some huge hats. They where so big that I was always moving my head from right to left in my pew because I couldn’t see in front of me because of the huge hats the women wore. The hats had bows some had bright colors, and I could remember telling myself when I get older I am going to wear hats.

Well needless to say, I’ve tried it and I just don’t have the face for a hat, my head is just to big. The only hats I can wear and look pretty good in are baseball caps, but they aren’t hats. I admire a women who has on a hat, to me a women in a hat is completely dressed. Since I don’t wear hats what I am wearing are those invisible hats you know the ones, Mother, Wife, Minister, Friend, Accountant, House-Keeper, Counselor, Chef, just to name a few. As women we may not have on those lovely big hats but we sure do wear our invisible ones everyday all day.

I do believe that we as ladies need to stop wearing so many hats at once, it makes us look off-balance and it weighs too much, so how many hats will you start taking off today?


3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Life Application Word ~ Hats~

    1. Thank you , glad you like the example I used. This was a lesson I had to learn and even now when I put on to many hats throughout the day the Lord reminds me, to not take them on. For when we do we end up adding accessories to our hats like, stress, anxiety, over-whelmed and so forth. Then when this happens our joy is stolen and we don’t have that peace. It’s just not worth it you know?

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