Philippians 2:7 says “but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men.

Why are we trying to make a name for ourselves? Jesus didn’t make a name for himself, He simply came and to serve. We who are in Christ Jesus we need to be serving people instead of trying to make a name for ourselves.

The primary reason why we don’t have a servant’s heart is because we are selfish, that’s right, a person who serves never looks for how it will benefit them? They never look for a hand out or pay back. If we do anything for someone we expect them to do something for us when we need to call on them.

Everywhere Jesus went the people followed Him, the crowds came and they cling on to His every word. They were intrigued by Him as well as what He had to say. If you ask me this is what a reputation should look like, a pure heart to humble yourself and serve. 

Why are we so driven by making a name for ourselves? Making a reputation for  yourself doesn’t make you a great person, neither does it bring you up in life status ranks. People aren’t going to remember you by your reputation, but they will remember you for being a servant.

I pray we all follow in the steps of Jesus and be a servant and it starts with us asking the Holy Spirit to change our hearts, that’s right we all need a heart change.

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