The Book of Psalm Theme

The book of Psalm are songs of praise to God as our Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer. Praise is recognizing, appreciation and expressing God’s greatness. The importance of it is focusing our thoughts on God, moves us to praise Him. The more we know Him, the more we can appreciate what He has done for us.

God is all-powerful; and He always acts at the right time. He is sovereign over every situation. God’s power is shown by the ways He reveals himself in creation, history and His word. When we feel powerless, God can help us. His strength can overcome the despair of any pain or trial. We can always pray that he will deliver, protect and sustain us.

Many psalms are intense prayers, asking God for forgiveness. God forgives us when we confess our sin and turn from it. Because God forgives us, we can pray to Him honestly and directly. When we receive His forgiveness, we most from alienation to intimacy, from guilt to love.

When we realize how we benefit from knowing God, we can fully express our thanks to Him. By thanking Him often, we develop spontaneity in our prayer life. God is faithful and just, when we put our trust in Him, He quiets our hearts. Because he has been faithful throughout history, we can trust Him in times of trouble. People can be unfair and friends may desert us. But we can trust God. Knowing God intimately drives away doubt, fear and loneliness.

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