How You Living?


How do you walk? Not talking about walking fast or walking slow; not even talking about your brisk walk that you do. I’m talking about how do you walk through life? Our society teaches that a person should walk to his or her own beat, in other words do as they feel.

There are grave consequences when a person walks to his or her own beat. You may not believe it but go back in thought to a moment when you did as you wanted, “now that you remember, what was the outcome? Walking to our own beat of the drum is shallow it has no accountability and end results are grave.

How should a person really walk this life? I’m so glad you asked me. In this life, there is only one correct way to walk, walk in righteousness. We either walk with God or we walk alone left to our own devices. Life will throw stones at us, many times we duck sometimes we don’t even realize we have been hit by the stone.

But one thing is for certain none of us are exempt from being knocked off our path, the questions becomes once we have been hit how do we get up? If we are walking with God we wipe ourselves off with the word of God. And that word is the ointment to heal our wounds. Now those who don’t walk with God and your knocked down there is no healing for your soul. You might think this is a bitter pill to swallow but truth be told, God says in His word that He will never leave or forsake His children.

School of hard knocks is not a school that you want to attend for the rest of your life, there comes a time when you must get tired of the way you are living your life, seriously you can’t be truly happy?  You might think you are but that is not really joy, real joy and happiness has nothing to do with when things are going well for you. Pure joy and happiness is when things are not going well and your just as happy and peaceful as a dove.

I’ll ask you again, “how are you walking this life?”


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