Ecclesiastes 7:21 says “Do not take to heart all the things that people say, lest you hear your servant cursing you.

The word Eavesdropping, according to Webster’s it’s a verb which means to secretly listen to a conversation.

What is it about us that we find ourselves at times “eavesdropping” in on someone? Is it that we think that they may just be talking about us and we want to hear it so we can approach them about it? Or is it that we like to be in the know business?

One of the ways that the enemy loves to cause confusion among us is by allowing us to hear a person’s last word of a conversation so that we will immediately think that they are talking about us. While we are listening in the enemy starts whispering to us all sorts of ugly things. Now that he has our attention we are all fired up and hostile towards that person, and for what? All because you just had to know what was being said. See, how Satan tricked you into playing with him?

You and I must never eavesdrop there are dangers that comes with it, for one it’s not the appropriate thing to do, secondly, the enemy will use it against us. So why do we feel compel to do it? Are we that nosy? Or are we so insecure? Remember if someone really is talking behind your back and you heard them how much truth do you really think you will get from them, if you approached them?

Word of caution don’t eavesdrop it’s not worth it and we can’t always handle how people perceive us. Remember the enemy does not play fair he uses no new tricks just new people, so don’t play with him.

It’s called Eavesdropping for a reason!

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