Dealing with Mean People

Romans 12: 19 says “Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

We all can testify with having our share of dealing with mean-spirited people. Truth be told they are not mean they happen to have an evil spirit about them.  We go to our jobs and we are faced with evil spirited people, we go to the grocery store and faced with a mean cashier, we eat at a restaurant and the server is rude, we encounter it while we are standing in line to be helped. Folks it’s all around us, but are they mean or is it an evil spirit within them?

We know that in life none of us are perfect we all have errors but how does one deal with an evil spirited person? Many times, we think of ways to get back at them we say smart remarks to them just to show them that we don’t appreciate their evil ways. And yet God tells us we are not to avenge ourselves, and we think oh well if I don’t treat them as bad as they did me, then I am okay. Well friends when you and I do anything like this we have taken avenges in our own hands. You and I both know all too well what the outcome is, don’t we? We end up making a huge mess of things and then we find ourselves going to God asking Him to fix the mess we made.

So how do you deal with that mean individual? I am so glad you asked me. First, we need to ask ourselves are they really that evil?  The answer to that is, its SIN which is in them that is causing them to be evil, always recognize the source of sin. Secondly, ignore them and I know this can be hard but God tells us allot about wisdom in the book of Proverbs when a man speaks quickly he is foolish, so regardless of what they may say or do we must ignore the foolishness of man.

Thirdly, their evil towards you and I is very simple, it’s not you they are rejecting it’s Christ who is in you that they are rejecting. Continue to sing your hymns of praise and smile despite them. See your kindness and peaceful manner will win them over to the point that God will make them your foot stool, now how cool and great is that?

Evil is always present folks we can’t run from it nor can we hide. Why are we looking for places to run when we are the ones who have life and light within us? Let your light shine before men and evil will depart when you remain steadfast. It has no other choice but to flee for the Word of God says so. AMEN

7 thoughts on “Dealing with Mean People

    1. Yes, that is best because if one doesn’t they will end up getting a hot head and we are told to avoid this type of foolishness.

      Thanks for commenting.

  1. Yes, mean people are in the grips of sin. However they may also have a demonic spirit pushing them. Healing is good if they are open to it. Deliverance is good if they are open to it. But it is not our job to push this on them. God will lead them to a better life when they are ready to receive it.

    1. I do believe it’s a form of demonic spirit that is pushing a person.

      And only the blood of Jesus can heal them. Sadly such a person wouldn’t believe it or come to Christ. They would rather blame it on some other junk, or their intellect instead of accepting the truth .

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