Saturday’s Life Application Word ~Like~

Question: Is there a difference between like and love?

We love and like many things in life, but when it comes to an individual is there a difference? Well let’s look at a few things. When we say we love a person, the moment we are displeased with them our love for them is cut off like a switch on the wall. But the moment things are mended we are happily to say we love again.

Did you know that you can love a person but not like them? As humans, our love is really based on what ideas we have about what love is. And until we learn to love like the bible says we are to love and the only way we can do that is to let go of all those ideas of what we perceive love to be and allow the Lord to wash our hearts.

When we say we don’t like a person do we really know what we are saying? I highly doubt it, because disliking a person is not what we are meaning in our hearts, what we need to be saying is that I don’t like the behavior of what that person does or did. When we say we don’t like them we are speaking in correctly what we need to say is that “we don’t like what their action or actions are towards us or someone else. When we look at the meaning of dislike it says feel distaste for or hostility toward, now with that being the case where does it shows about the makeup of a person, it doesn’t.

As we continue this journey we will continue to like many things just make sure you are picking the right things to like and not the wrong things. And never say you dislike a person instead say you don’t like their behavior because once those words come from our lips the damage has been done.



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