Saints Gossiping is Murder

Listen to what God says about gossiping accusers: “An ungodly man digs up evil, and it is on his lips like a burning fire Proverbs 16:27). What happens to the victim of accusations? These accusers this lynch mob of tongues charge him, convict him and condemn him to death!

Don’t you know that gossiping will destroy the body of Christ and then spiritually kill you? What is up with all this bitterness and hate among the saints?

Accusation is deadly gossip!!!!!!

Gossip slanders neighbors, it destroys a person’s character, personal reputation. But beware! He who lives by the sword of slander shall die by the sword of slander. Almighty God says, “Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, him I will destroy” Psalm 101:5.

Gossip talks indiscreetly, people who say just anything that comes into their minds spread gossip.

A fact, people with low self-esteem tend to gossip. They do not respect themselves, or anyone else so they gossip about others.

Why must we sit and gossip and tear one another down? Don’t you know you are destroying the body of Christ? Instead of your gossiping open your mouth and restore the people, pray with your mouth and lift them up.

But no, we can’t do that, because our lives are not what we would like it to be. Some of us don’t even like who we are, we hate ourselves. And for that reason, we find pleasure in destroying others with our gossip. God will not be mocked with this type of foolishness. The bible says that when you do this you are a child of the evil one for you will die by the sword. Do you really want to die by the sword? I don’t think you understand what that sword is about.

You are like the wheat and tare where Jesus talks about those who sit in our midst pretending to be someone who they are not for they are fakers. Many who are not in the body through the conversion of Christ resembles those who are. Just like true Christians, they go to church, pray, and read the Bible, but they are only religious hobbyists. Jesus calls them “sons of the wicked one” Matthew 13:38, and being tares, they will be destroyed. The tares are not originally from the wicked one, but they develop character according to his strong influence. They are led by him and so are his children, whose children are we talking about? We are talking about the evil children. The genuine Christians and the counterfeit Christians wheat are always together in the church.

Do you know why? Because they want to mimic the original so that they can profit from it. Then the wicked ones go out and convince others that they are children of God and therefore the world and other real saints sit back and wonder how can you call yourself a child of God and yet act like the sinner? Come on somebody, help me here!

First, we need to be aware that tare, false members are a reality. Counterfeit members do exist and are at work within God’s church; Christ Himself says so. The fact that they are present requires that we be on our guard, not allowing ourselves to be led astray. For false Christ’s and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Knowing that tares are in the church, we must be vigilant, clinging to the truth lest we be deceived.

Rid yourselves of gossip stop speaking death over a person and start speaking life. My mother had a saying that she told us kids “if you can’t say nothing nice don’t say anything” such powerful words. If my mother even heard us kids gossiping about anything she corrected us right on the spot. You might think that it only hurts the person or persons your talking about but it will bring grief to you the gossiper.

Start living the simple truths of God’s Word and stop this gossiping and lend a hand helping  people. Use your mouth to spread the message that Jesus loves them, open your mouth and ask your neighbor what you can do to help them? Go to the shelters and offer your time and talent. Get involve like Jesus did and you won’t see the need to gossip because you will see people the way Jesus sees them. AMEN!


7 thoughts on “Saints Gossiping is Murder

  1. Gossip and slander was on my heart today as well, and I felt the need to write about it also. I have been truly discouraged in recent days by so much of the gossip and slander finding its way to social media. Thank you for your strong stand against it sister, the body must be warned of the dangers!

    1. Thank you. We have to take a stance and it is so discouraging of what’s in the media.

      But that is just what the enemy wants is chaos, we must spread love regardless of the evil.

  2. Great post. It’s hard to face reality that there are false tares in the church, but after living 60 years and attending church all those years, I know it is a fact. Great post.

  3. Thank you, Desiray, for another great article. You are a blessing in my life. Thank you for speaking this difficult truth. We all so need to hear it.

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