Saturday’s Life Application Word ~ Order~

1 Corinthians 14:10 say’s Let all things be done decently and in order.

Question: How well do you follow orders?

When it comes to taking orders, I think pretty much we can follow it almost to the letter. We may not enjoy the person or persons giving us the orders but one thing is for sure if we don’t comply there are consequences for being disobedient.

When a builder goes to build anything the first thing he does after contacting miss utility is prepare to set the foundation. When a mom gets in her kitchen to bake homemade cookies she follows the recipe to the letter. For pretty much we see that in order for things to come out correctly we must follow orders.

But why is it that when the Lord gives us orders we want to deviate from the word? We like to set scriptures that fit our mold so we omit certain words we sugar coat it, we make our own translations meaning towards God’s word. The Lord tells you to go right we go left, the Lord says wait and we put our foot to the pedal and by-pass by God.

What is the difference between what we already know how to do verses not following the orders of God? If we are more obedient to anything other than God then those things have become our god, instead of the Lord God of Almighty.


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