Saturday’s Life Application Word ~Perfume~

Genesis 27: 27 says, And he came near, and kissed him: and he smelled the smell of his raiment, and blessed him, and said, See, the smell of my son is as the smell of a field which the LORD hath blessed:

Question: What is your favorite scent?

We all have so many things we love the smell of, we love smelling perfume scents, the scent of baked goodies in the kitchen, and even when we go pass a restaurant we smell that BBQ and our senses are telling us to go eat that BBQ. We don’t like the scent of someone’s body odor so we move away from them.

In our homes, we have lots of scents, we have our aromatherapy wax candles, body lotions we have all types of smells around us. When we have those pleasant scents around us they do something for us, they trigger something with in our brain that causes us to feel up beat as well to relax us. It changes our mood, doesn’t it?

But what about those not so pleasant scents? You know the ones, they give us a bad headache, they stink. The make us feel ill on our stomach. For me I don’t like the smell of musk for it gives me a reaction right away, no matter how they mask it, still bothers me.

Did you know that when we praise the Lord that it is a fragrance that the Lord enjoys? Yes, it’s the fragrance of Sharon. When we sin, that fragrance carries a very nasty smell and it displeases the Lord. Sin carries a very foul odor, it’s not pleasant to the Lord nostril and it shouldn’t be pleasant to our nose. But the sad fact for many of us is that we have grown attached to the smell that it doesn’t bother us at all. We say we don’t like nasty smells and yet we are not bothered by the scent of sin, we have a problem.

Share an experience of what you learned about smell.


3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Life Application Word ~Perfume~

  1. The Lord taught me a valuable lesson when it comes to smell. One day I happen to been on the bus when this man sat a few seats next to me, immediately I could smell him. In my mind I was like I got to get up and move to the front of the bus, and that very moment I was about to get up the Lord spoke. He said this is what sin smells like.! How do you turn your nose up when you was in sin and I gave you my Son?

    Family it was from that moment that I learned a great lesson, that was over 7 years ago that the Lord taught me something about sin that I never really knew about. I know that the bible says that the Lord hates sin but it was that day that I got a new revelation of it.

  2. I remember one day as I was praying, the Lord told me to bend/kneel down. When I did, I smelled a foul smell. The Lord told me this smell is the smell of the sin of the people. Like you said, sin has a smell and it’s very foul. Peace.

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