Saturday’s Life Application Word~Truth~

Good morning! How are you doing? I hope you slept well, last night.


We are going to have a little exercise so pay attention: The job that you currently now have, if it was built on the following would you still have that job?


  • bless your boss
  • praying for those who mistreat you at work.
  • sharing your faith with your boss and everyone else at work.
  • showing mercy to your employees.
  • give money to someone on your job who asked? Without telling them to come back when you already have it, you don’t need to know his or her need.
  • be patient with everyone, lift the spirits of those who are downcast
  • stand up for the weak at work, knowing that you just might be mocked for it
  • when ask about another employee, be honest at all times; even if you saw them doing something wrong.


You have received God’s blessings upon your life. You have planted a seed in the life of a person for Salvation. You are learning more about the heart of God. Your putting God’s agenda ahead of yours. Your faith is getting stronger and your prayer life is being anointed by the Holy Spirit.

And now that you have been evaluated, would you still have your current job?

In our society we do allot of talking about truth but if we don’t love one another we can’t display love for we don’t even know what love is. Love is never about what you want or think it is. Love is first loving God and His word. Once you do that then the rest is easy. If you can’t do this then start today by asking the Holy Spirit to teach you how to love God and His word. AMEN


5 thoughts on “Saturday’s Life Application Word~Truth~

  1. Key of Love
    Love to God first and your neighbor as yourself.
    I took my life to understand this because the Spirit is One, and is the same for all and on everything.

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