There are Consequences 4 Everything We do!

Galatians 6:7 says’ Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Everything in life comes with consequences. the problem with us is that we don’t consider the consequences of what we do. For example, when we over eat the consequences is feeling blotted possible we may get sick from it.

When we sit up late the consequence’s is that we are not as productive the next day, our attitude and behavior isn’t so pleasant had we had enough sleep. It’s the simple things that we don’t that we don’t consider the consequences. But what about the huge things that we do? For instance when you are speeding while driving and you had an accident? You blame the other person for not paying attention when in fact it’s the decision you made yourself to speed.

Perhaps it’s when you are in a business deal and you’re so eager for that promotion that you undermine your coworkers, and somehow the company found out the truth about what you did, and they fire you. Now you are all upset because they let you go when in fact once again you didn’t consider the consequences of your actions.

Always remember folks that everything in life has consequences we have to make sure that we always do the right instead of the wrong. For when you do the right you will never regret the consequences of doing what is right. It’s when we do the wrong that we get mad and upset and we want to blame God when we need to be accountable for our choices that we make.

One thought on “There are Consequences 4 Everything We do!

  1. Wow that’s really awesome. I have been very lucky to read your post and to be truthful, reading your post made my day 😊. Thanks a lot for posting it. Take care and have an awesome day ahead my friend 😇

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