Saturday’s Life Application Word ~XYZ~

Psalm 90:4 says’ For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.

Today we end our Series on “Saturday’s Life Application” I do pray that you have been blessed by them all.

I want to share briefly with you on the topic of XYZ, in our society we call it throw all or catch all. The Psalmist is once again teaching us about the years of men. Though man thinks his life is long, which is indeed most short, because men think they have a long time because he doesn’t understand eternity.

For time seems long when it is to come, but when it is past, and men look backward upon it, it seems very short and contemptible. For men value one hour to come more than a thousand years which are past.

Question: Why do you think you have all the time in the world?

We shouldn’t being saying that we have time to get things right in our lives. We shouldn’t be saying that we have time to make amends with others. We shouldn’t say we have time to see about our health or anything else we keep putting off. Folks time is precious it’s a beautiful gift that the Lord God has given us and so sadly we have not been good stewards of it.

As we are closely approaching the holiday Seasons, let not miss out on what the Lord has for us to understand. Just like Thanksgiving when it comes we all excited about it and the moment that day has past we go back to our old self. The Psalmist is reminding us that men only value the hour of the moment and once it’s over they don’t look towards eternity and the reason being is because we have no concept of eternity at all. As born-again believers we must always be looking towards eternity awaiting our Lord and Savior returning for us.

Lord as we move into this season of being Thankful let us be mindful that it’s not about the day on the calendar but it’s what we do in our hearts daily that brings honor and glory to your Holy Name, Amen.



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