Thank God We don’t look Like what we been Through

When we are in life battles of wilderness often the fight of our life, we feel beat up. We can’t even take another blow it’s like we are in a boxing ring with the world champion. Seems like every joint in our body aches our eyes hurt our mouth is bruised by all the punches we took. The ref rings the bell and we finally get a chance to sit for a spell, but not long for here comes another blow from the enemy he has sent somebody else into the ring with us.

As we look at the situation we get a glimpse of hope,that this battle we find ourselves in is not our fight. The Lord is fighting the battle for us, He has given His angels charge over you. The times when you thought that you were spinning around in circles and out for the count is when the Lord elevated you above your enemies.

He has sat you in high places and given you the victors crown because you didn’t give up you remain steadfast, yes you cried you was scared but it was your faith that you had in the Lord Jesus that kept you strong.

In battles we feel every one of our emotions it is and can be very overwhelming for us. Raging war of any type is a messy battle but aren’t you so glad that the Lord doesn’t let us look like what we been through? For at the end of the battle we come out of the fiery furnace looking better than what we did when we first entered.

Now I don’t know about you, but I been through many battles and I am sure I will encounter more of them but one thing is certain my God never will let me look like what I went through.

He allows us to come out with knowledge, strength, wisdom, truth and love. Let’s give Jesus some praise, shall we?




5 thoughts on “Thank God We don’t look Like what we been Through

  1. Amen! I would be a very very tough looking fella, but you are totally right, God fights for us and loves us unconditionally! May God bless you for sharing!

  2. God bless you. I fought one of my fiercest battles in 2017 but the LORD saw me through it all. I am glad I don’t look like what I went through. He truly gave me beauty for my ashes.

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