Caught Right in the Middle

Joshua 8:22 says: The men of the ambush also came out of the city against them, so that they were caught in the middle, with Israelites on both sides. Israel cut them down, leaving them neither survivors nor fugitives.

Have you ever asked yourself how did you get yourself caught in the middle of it? One can be doing absolutely nothing but minding their own business and like suddenly here it comes you wake up and realized that you have been caught up in the middle of something.

Most of the time when we get caught up in the middle of things it really has nothing on our part that we did to provoke it, it happens because in those spirit realms in which war is ragging the enemy feels he must go and make someone miserable.

In this bible verse can you imagine how Joshua feel? He looked around and now he is surrounded with an army who is wanting nothing more than to destroy him sometimes you and I lives are like that, we get ambushed by people and things that we begin to figure out how in the world did this happen or why didn’t we see it coming? This is when the spirit of discernment is so critical.

But there was one thing that the Lord told Joshua and it’s found in verse eight, God told him, “When you have taken the city, set it on fire. Do what the LORD has commanded. See to it; you have my orders.”

You and I have those same orders when anything tries to come up against us we have orders from the Lord we may not go and burn a city on fire, but we can rebuke that spirit, from attaching itself to us, we can rebuke those spirits which tries to take us out, we can rebuke that demonic force.

No one likes being caught in the middle of things rather it’s a disagreement or what, but some people will try to drag you in their mess. But you who are spiritual must not allow yourself to be drug into such things, you never saw Jesus getting into people’s affairs where they were arguing He always knew how to defuse a situation and we too have that same power to defuse those situations.

The best way to not get caught in the middle of other people’s mess is to bring the word of God to their situation, I didn’t say we are to not minister to them for we are to minister we minister by giving them the word not our opinions.

The early church in Corinth they were like this we also see in the book of James that anytime man wants to have his own way instead of God’s way they will bring distension and bickering and complaining along with them.


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