Waiting Brings “OUT” what where Made of

Psalm 40:1 says I waited patiently for the Lord’s help; then he listened to me and heard my cry.

One of the most difficult things for us as human beings is to wait. I don’t care what it is we hate to wait for anything. Waiting makes humans antsy. We put food in the oven to cook and we can’t wait till it’s done so we must keep opening the oven peaking at it.

There is not one person who enjoys waiting and if they say they do they are lying. Waiting brings out our true characters, waiting reveals what we really lack. Let’s start today by stop trying to convince ourselves that we enjoy waiting and accept the truth that waiting is like breathing. Examples of waiting we should be doing is dropping to our knees and pray to God, waiting for Him to talk to us. When we take time to sit and converse with the Lord we will notice that our time has flown by, and that what we were waiting for has come to pass and our waiting was not in van.

When you are on the phone talking with one of your friends you talk for hours and it’s not until you looked at the clock that you realized how long you have been on the phone. You know why, because you enjoyed talking with your friend. Now try doing the same with the Lord and you will see even greater results. Have a Bless Monday.



2 thoughts on “Waiting Brings “OUT” what where Made of

  1. Yes I’m guilty of trying to rush things but guess what I found when you rush things you actually are taking matters in your own hands and wind up making a complete mess, and have to go back to God pleading your cause over again, making your wait longer because you haven’t learned the art of being patient, it’s like taking the cake out the oven before it’s ready it may look done on the outside but inside is all mushy, not fit for consumption, waiting on God’s timing causes us to be patient, to develop a relationship with Him and to learn patience.

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