Accepting God’s Answer to Your Prayers

Romans 8:27 says’ He knows us far better than we know ourselves, knows our pregnant condition, and keeps us present before God.

Sometimes I think that we as Christians like to bargain with the Lord Jesus, what I mean is this. When God answers our prayers and its not how we would have liked Jesus to answer I do believe we go back to God and petition Him all over again as if God is going to change His answer. Family God is not going to change His mind we must stop trying to play let’s make a deal with God and learn to accept the answer He has given us.

It’s not easy for us to accept God’s answer especially when it not what you would have hoped it to be but what we need to remember is that God sees what we can’t see. He sees the beginning and the end of a thing. He is not going to give us anything that will destroy us. No matter how bad you may want it.

At that moment we don’t see how the Lord answered our prayer, only thing we see is that God didn’t answer us. Sometimes God allows you and I to see what would have destroyed us. And it’s at that very moment that we are thankful that God didn’t give us what we thought we really wanted. AMEN!



6 thoughts on “Accepting God’s Answer to Your Prayers

  1. I believe that we should always desire the good, but we do not understand all the consequences of what we want, all the variables.
    That calculation only the Lord can do.

  2. How do we know that He hasn’t already answered our prayers when we only expect Him to answer in a certain way? Trusting God means that we rely on Him to meet every one of our needs, and we give Him the freedom to respond in the way that is best for us, and suitable for His glory.

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