When The Lord “SITS” you DOWN

Psalm 23:2 says”  He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside still waters. He refreshes my soul.

As we go through life we will always find ourselves being fluttered with the issues of this world. As we walk this journey we will walk through deserts, high water floods and we might even become shipwrecked. When life events happen to us most times we try to take care of it ourselves. We go with what we know hoping that it will solve the problem.

Being beat down by life is no amusement ride at all and yet we can’t stay in the place where we are, so what does one do? I’m so glad you asked me because I believe that nothing happens to any of us by chance.

It’s in those moments that the Lord is trying to get our attention. One of the things that we at times do is ignore what is happening and pretend its not affecting us. The Lord has been trying to get our attention in many ways and when we don’t heed to Him, He lays us in green pastures.

It’s in these green pastures that the Lord really has our attention know why? Because now we are in a place to really listen to God. I do believe that these green pastures that He lays us in is to revive us. As humans I don’t understand as to why we don’t listen until we are in a place that we have no other choice. Why do we allow life to stop us in our tracks before we heed to the Lord when He is calling us closer to Him?

I know for myself that when the Lord has stop me in my tracks and I can’t go nowhere or do anything I know right then that I have been ignoring the Lord’s calling me to come closer to Him. I thank the Lord Jesus for laying me down in green pastures. Being in green pastures is a learning experience for me, God uses it to give me strength as well as for me to take a break from the dry deserts and high seas.

Now in closing I say be open to what the Lord shows you in your green pasture.  



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