Over Analyze

Philippians 4:6 Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Over analyze is something we humans do perfectly well, I’m not sure why none of us haven’t written a book. We are professionals at over analyzing no matter what the situation is we have it locked. We didn’t get no college degree on the topic but we got it sold up.

Why do we over analyze stuff? What makes us do this? Could it be that we do this when our emotions get in the way? When you over think, it means that you are worrying about something or a situation Normally they say that a woman is emotional but men I must tell you as well, you are the same way. You disguise yours better then what we women do, but men over analyze things as well. Anytime we over think anything we have already stepped into the arena of over analyzing.

It’s our feeling that causes one to over think it’s when we are afraid and uncertain that makes us over think. So where do we go from here? We need to first recognize that we can’t control what happens in life, we can only control how we will respond to it. Secondly our emotions are something we should never put our trust in, for our emotions is like the weather it changes from moment to moment.

Over analyze any issue is a waste of time and energy and that is what the devil is wanting us to do, for he knows that when we focus on these things it takes our mind off God. Why I say that over analyzing is a waste of time? It’s because it steals time away from us and it steals our joy, it wears us down with a heavy burden that we weren’t meant to carry. And so that next time you see yourself over analyzing something take a deep breath and tell the devil no! 



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