Resolutions: New Year 2018

It’s hard to believe but we are coming to the end of another year. I wonder if or have we even considered what the New Year really means? What are we celebrating? For some its all about being able to party for an occasion. The other half are thinking about how fast our world is moving and what to expect not just in the New Year but life itself.

I used to make resolution’s, but I found out that I never kept any of them, so I don’t make them anymore. I devote myself to having a deeper understanding of God’s word. With that I can be a vessel for his purpose and not my own.

Don’t get me wrong I am not against resolutions I just know that they just don’t work or last long I call them short lived. I hear people saying that they are going to be health conscious, so here they are at the gyms and within one month they have stopped going to the gym all together. We say we going to pay off debt and before you know it there you are in a store getting ready to apply for a credit card. You can’t pay off debit if your opening up new accounts.

What happen? I tell you “they weren’t committed but it sounds good.” A resolution should not be just for the New Year it has to become your lifestyle for you to see results. The problem with us as humans is that we want fast results, but we aren’t prepared to make lifestyle choices.

I say to those who do make resolution’s make attainable ones and take it one day at a time then you can build on what you have started. I wish all of you a Blessed Happy New Year in 2018 my prayer for you is to be a much better person then you were in 2017. Show acts of kindness to all people, pray for your family, forgive every person and be a mature disciple of Christ.

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