Why do you ask “Where is God?

John 3:17 says’ For God did not send His Son to condemn the world but that the world might be saved through Him.

God’s plan for man was never to destroy man it was to bring man into relationship with God.

For centuries and generations people have always asked “Where is GOD? “When tragedy hits they ask” Where is GOD”? Man has assumed that God has deserted him. Man has assumed that GOD does not LOVE, for how could a loving GOD allow such bad things to happen.

When bad things happen, God is and has always been right where He is. God does not leave just because bad things happen to you. Or when things happen to our world and Nation. So why does man say Where is GOD? Man says this because man has turned his back on GOD. Have you ever noticed that people don’t even ask where is God until they are found in a dark place?

So before we begin to put the Lord on trial let’s first ask ourselves “who left who? Were you wanting a Savior in your life? Or are you wanting to live your life your way? Do you think you can live in this world without a Savior?

The bible reveals that no man can live in this life without the Savior, to live in this world without Jesus as your personal Savior is to live in complete darkness. And sadly many people have chosen to live in complete darkness. Every born again believer should never ask where is God as if God is lost. People who ask such a question has lost their faith in GOD! God does not abandon His children, His children on the other hand will abandoned GOD!

If you have asked “where is GOD?” it is safe to say that you walked away from Him. Faith has got to be the center of your relationship with Jesus Christ. Go back and make it right with the LORD…

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