Are You In A RUT?

2 Peter 1:13 says” Yea, I think it meet, as long as I am in this tabernacle, to stir you up by putting you in remembrance.

The bible tells us in several different passages to stir up the gifts. Often time we get into ruts because we have gotten off course somewhere along the journey. The thing about it is that we don’t ever know where we got off at until we feel the overwhelming of frustrations that we no longer have zeal about hardly anything anymore.

being in a rut

We look at others and we see them doing and we hear all the excitement in their voices as they talk about what they are doing.

While on the inside you are saying to yourself “oh how I wish that was me” you start blaming yourself because everyone is doing their thing and your world seems to be at a stand-still. So how does one get out of a rut? It begins with a mind shift: That’s right we have to refocus.  Here I listed a few steps to help us but surely I am sure you can come up with some as well, this is what I have found to be a great help to me.

1. Refocus your purpose- ask the Lord to show you again what your purpose is

2. Pray, pray and pray -when praying pray specially don’t tip toe around it God wants us to be specific when we pray.

3. Read the book of Psalms – the authors of the Psalms experienced the highs and lows of life, and they met God in the midst of those highs and lows.  Including their dry seasons in life.

4. Read your bible with a plan in mind- instead of just reading a few verses here and there, read one book of the bible and continue reading it until you finished that book before you go ahead to another book in the bible.

5. Stir up the gifts within you- God has given each of his children gifts we are to exercise those gifts, if you haven’t exercise  your gift or gifts they may not be active anymore and so you will have to reactivate them. So start stirring those gifts up that God has given you.

Finally: Once you start during this you probably won’t see a change immediately because remember our change happens first in the spirit realm before we see it in the natural realm.

It’s never easy being in a rut so many things race through our minds, but remember whatever feelings or thoughts you might have speak openly about them with Jesus. He understands everything we experience in life and He is the only one who can help us. AMEN

Please don’t beat yourself up or judge yourself so harshly all because you are in a rut, it happens to us all, none of us are exempt from sin.

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