Questions/Answers….What seeds are you Planting?

What seeds are you planting in your life and the lives of others?

We all know people including ourselves where we want to see positive change. We want to see our children move in positive direction we want a brighter future for them and for ourselves. But somewhere down the line we stopped at planting seeds, into the ground, many things take place from struggles, decisions and challenges can rear us off our focus.

dried tree

A stranger could walk up to us and all they want from you and I is to listen to their heart as they speak but because we get off course we can miss a great opportunity to plant a seed in their lives.

Here are some seed plantings that we should be planting, telling people about hope, caring, loving, kindness, passion, understand, a hug,wanting to help them, patience and joy you get the idea of some of the seeds we should be planting.

Today I ask you to look at your garden and ask yourself, how does your flowers grow? How is your family growing? Are the seeds you planting in your friend’s life good seeds, or are you planting deed seeds? God gives each man according to his faith, and it’s our responsibility to plant seeds, not to keep them in the bag and hide them.

My prayer today is for every person who reads this to beginning planting everywhere you go and for those who have been planting good seeds I pray God continue to grow your garden. AMEN

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