LEAN on ME!!

1 Thessalonians 5:11 says’ Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

It’s March and it is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Want to know why? It’s almost time for Spring that’s right, I love Spring-Time. Time to plant flowers while changing new patio fabrics. Start planning our family vacation with lots of outdoor activities. And tough March can bring us some winds I still love March and of course March is my birthday month.


Today’s devotion is about encouraging one another. Often times when we think of encouraging someone we associate it with someone having issues or problems. But that is not what the word says. The bible says we are to encourage one another. How are we to encourage a person? So glad you asked? We are to encourage them in the faith.

Why do we associate uplifting with problems? When we are down and out or having those weird feelings we want someone to encourage us, at least I would hope we do. Rather it be a parent, friend, spouse or stranger we all need to have someone in whom we can lean on. Leaning on a person for support is not a bad thing as many of you might view it to be. When you encourage a person you are literally restoring them in the faith. The first thing we tend to get weak in, is our faith, this is why the scripture tells us to encourage one another; so that we build them up in the word of God.

But for whatever reasons we don’t encourage like the scripture tells us? We are hidden behind our own agenda’s these days. We need to look at scripture seriously when it comes to the word of God. For I do think that often times when we read this verse we assume that we are only to encourage for a brief moment, some of us think that we are to do it but only once. The bible does not give a time frame on encouraging one another, we are to encourage each other no matter what .

Think back to a moment when someone encouraged you? What did it do for you? It gave you hope, and your faith was restored wasn’t it?

I can already hear at least one of you saying to yourself “how much longer do I have to keep encouraging this person?” Well, let me help you with it. When it came to you Jesus never gave up on you so why would you give up on a sister or brother in the Lord? We need to learn to encourage not only when a person is going through something but even when they are on top of the mountain. When we encourage a person we give them that boost to keep moving, think about it.

Have a blessed Saturday!

5 thoughts on “LEAN on ME!!

  1. I love this line: “When it came to you Jesus never gave up on you so why would you give up on a sister or brother in the Lord?“

    We need to have as much patience for others as Jesus has with us.

  2. Hi Desiray – thank you for the important reminder to encourage one another daily. When I encourage someone. It usually helps me more than it helps them. And Jesus calls us to love one another as he loved us – which is huge!

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