Why do you Raise your hand during worship?

Psalm 100:2 say’s Worship the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.

Last night while I was listening to my praise and worship on my phone, a song that I haven’t heard in a while came on it was called, Why we Sing.” I don’t know if you ever heard the song but it sung by the artist Kirk Franklin. For the sake of time I will share with you a few of the lyrics. ” Someone asked the question why do we sing, when we lift our hands to Jesus what do we really mean. Someone made be wondering when we sing our song at times we may be cryin’ and nothings even wrong.

I have always wondered about why a person lift their hands to Jesus. Now please understand it’s not that I am being nosy. But I wonder if those who lift their hands to Jesus really know the reason about why they are doing it? When I was a little girl in church I would see my mother lifting her hands and at home as she would be singing and all of a sudden I would see her crying.  As a child I didn’t understand why she did that, but me being curious I asked and she told me that she was thanking God. I still didn’t get what she meant.
When I grew up and had my own personal relationship with God it all became very clear about why mom did it. I saw for myself first hand just how good God is and how He got me over and through the storms of my life and bestowing blessings upon me. God became very real to me. It all made perfectly good sense about why mom lifted her hands.
Still to this day, I find myself crying when nothing is wrong it’s just me thinking about my Lord and Savior. Sometimes my husband will say baby are you alright? I tell him I am good nothing is bothering me it’s just that my heart is over filled of the goodness of God and it’s spilling out from my heart into tears. We all have stories that we can share about what Jesus is to us all. But the one thing that we all have in common when we lift our hands is that God is God Almighty He is our Lord Savior and King that’s what we all have in common. AMEN!

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