Snow and Spring

Good day all! Today is officially the first day of Spring but you wouldn’t think so with us being hit with a Snow Storm here on the East Coast.  One of the things I like about snow is that it makes everything so pretty and clean. For me snow is all about playing outside, getting my camera out and snapping shots. In the meantime Spring is one of my favorite season, if I had to grade it I would give it a ten plus. Spring for me is about planning many activities outdoors.

I have been patiently waiting for this season. Here are a few things that me and my husband do together outdoors.

    • Hiking
    • Nature Walks
    • Picnics
    • Sight-seeing
    • Photography
    • exercising out doors instead of being in the gym during those winter months
    • Strolling in the park, reading a book underneath a tree
    • Drinking coffee at my favorite Café house outside
    • weekend getaway trips

There truly is something to be said about being out doors with God and His Creation. To climb to the highest point of a mountain and look out as far as your eyes can see, what a blessing to know that God Himself created it and we can enjoy while appreciating it at the same time.

What do you look forward to do now that Spring has come? I look forward to you sharing with me. Don’t be bashful guys for I know you enjoy doing something.


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