Come Along the Journey

James 1:12 says: Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.

Come along this journey! This morning as I sit in front of my laptop pondering on what to share with you while sipping on my coffee looking out at the snow falling from my kitchen widow, I hear the word ~perseverance~. When I was a little girl I always dreamed of being rich. I was fascinated with having plenty. Because of that I started working when I was thirteen years of age, I was a baby sitter. I found it very rewarding taking care of others, from their I got a summer job at the YMCA watching children, while all my friends were enjoying their summer I was making that money.

Let me send the clock a head for the sake of time; God has a way of changing our plans. After accepting the Lord into my life the want for money was no more. I don’t know when it happened but the day it did, I remember crying out to God asking what has happened?  Well, the Lord showed me just how evil my motives was for wanting money. Still to this day I remember those exact words, He said I can’t let you be rich for the moment you are  you would immediately walk away from me and money would become your god”. It was that moment I said Lord I don’t want the money anymore.  Never in all my wildest of dreams did I think that my heart was like that. I asked the Lord to bless me with heavenly  spiritual gifts His gifts that I can use for His purpose and not my own.

I call my journey perseverance because when I look back at how I use to be and how far I have grown I thank God Almighty that He loved me enough to tell me what my heart is really of. My journey now consist of having spiritual gifts and one day when I enter heaven I will receive my crowns and lay them at His feet.

The journey is not always easy I get knock down at times but I get right back up, sometimes I hide in my Father’s arms. I shed tears at times but thanks be to God I have more good days then bad days. This journey has many obstacles the moment we think we got it all figured out God shows us just how wrong we are. If we put our confidence within ourselves we find out very soon that we are not who we think we are. I never saw myself as being strong in the spirit realm for I am physically strong but God has shown me through my struggles that I am stronger than I thought I was.

My journey has taught me that I have to depend on the Holy Spirit every second of the moment. I can’t take nothing for granted for the moment that I do its snatched away.  And so you may look at my journey and despise it but I tell you now I rather have this journey with God Almighty and face challenges then to live in this world without Him .


2 thoughts on “Come Along the Journey

  1. I am so glad that God does tell us what is in our hearts. Otherwise our blindness to our own sin would be so deep. I know that he tells us so he can heal us and lead us deeper into him. I was once confronted with my tendency to gossip. I could not do that anymore. If he does not chastise us, we are not his children. I am glad that he sets me straight.

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