Binding and Loosing

Matthew 18:18 says” Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

binding and loosing

When was the last time you bind and loose things into the atmosphere? We don’t hear much teaching on this. No one wants to be bound or addicted to anything but if we don’t learn how to bind and loose things in our lives we are no different the people who live for the world.  In our local churches when we talk much about being bound we always think it has to do with things of the world, but in all truth it has to with anything that keeps us from being free. When you chose not to love and forgive you are bound to that selfish demonic spirit, which has you in chains.

When we are shackled in chains the only way for us to break free is through the Blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus gives us the tools and power that we need. Our problem is that we don’t use what was given to us this is why many of us are walking around in bondage from year after year.

There are things in your life right now at this very hour that you need to lose and bind them so it can be established in heaven and the earth. Aren’t you sick and tired of how life comes to you and rob you of your precious gems? Aren’t you sick and tired how the enemy comes and whisper to you about other people, telling you they don’t like you? Then take that power that Jesus Christ has given you and bind that demon, when you bind a demon that demon cannot come back and try to do anything else to you, did you know that?

Now on lose in the spirit: The things which are your gems, joy, peace, happiness, gentleness once upon a time ago you had these things so active in your life but because of life and its challenges that we go through we end up covering them up and we trade them in for bitterness, stubbornness, prideful. Did you not know that you can lose these spirits back into your life? All you have to do is say Lord Jesus I loose peace, happiness and joy back into my life and the moment you do that it will be established in heaven and in the earth back to you.

Remember family God is our Father and He want the Best for you, He has given you the power, all you have to do is use that power that is within you. Don’t be afraid! Don’t let anybody including yourself tell you that you don’t have power. You are a Child of the most Highest God that same power which raised Jesus from the Grave is in you…USE it! AMEN


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